Your Business Development Expert in the Philippines

Keys to Successful Business in the Philippines.

Our expertise is to identify the right business opportunities and the business partners for foreign companies entering or expanding their market presence in the Philippines.

First-hand Information to Support Your Market Entry Decision.

Before market entry decision, we help you analyze the competitive landscape, viable entry options, and market feedback from potential partners and customers about your product and market opportunity.

Hands-on Business Development.

From helping choose the right entry mode and partners, to building a pipeline of opportunities and closing the first deals, we work hand-in-hand as part of your business development team on the ground.


Market Analysis

Our market analysis service is suitable for companies who are in the early stage of market development, or who want to deepen their understanding of a particular sector.

The market analysis gives an informed overview by verifying and quantifying the market potential, mapping out competitors, identifying potential partners and customers, and understanding the regulatory environment.

Primary research methods such as face-to-face interviews and one-on-one discussions with key industry stakeholders are used in market analyses, ensuring that the client gets access to first-hand market information.

Partner Search

Our partner search service puts the focus on finding the most suitable local partners for our clients.

Partners can be agents, distributors, importers, or joint venture partners – in each case in each case it is crucial to have an ideal partner profile as a starting point for the partner search, and to remember that strategic and company culture fit are important factors.

Our partner search service helps in the partner screening process, making sure that there is a good partner fit, and that the partnership is built on a solid foundation from the start. We also have experience of handling delicate situations wherein new partners are sought to replace existing ones.

Market Entry and Channel Development

Our market entry and channel development services are relevant in new market entries as well as in realigning existing market presence and partnerships.

In the new market scenario, we help our clients in the choosing the most suitable entry mode, which is often a choice between direct presence and partnering, or a combination of both.

In the case of partnering, the role of sales channel and partner management becomes crucial – this is where our expertise adds value to our clients and helps their success.

Business Development

Our business development service ranges from local representation to ‘Sales manager-as-a-service’.

Local representation gives our clients a presence on the ground to act as a liaison on behalf of the client, while ‘Sales manager-as-a-service’ is practically part of our client’s salesforce, driving and closing sales.

The business development service is a cost-effective and flexible way to have a local presence, especially in early stages of business development.

Multi Industry Expertise in the Philippines

We do most of our work with multinationals, SMEs, and growth companies from Northern Europe. Our clients are typically already active in multiple markets in Asia Pacific, or they have made the strategic decision to aggressively drive business development in the region.
While we have done client work in various industries, our key expertise is in the B2B world, specifically in the education, energy, healthcare, ICT, and mining sectors.

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